Lawsons Conveyancing

Lawsons Conveyancing is a Melbourne based conveyancing business with over 10 years of conveyancing experience by sole proprietor Maria Iacuone.  Having been in the industry for such a period of time, the experience of Lawsons Conveyancing is vast and immense and will bring an smooth and professional expertise to any property transaction you as the customer shall require.

Lawsons Conveyancing is fully licensed under the Conveyancers Act 2006 specialising in property transactions and operates within the law that applies from 1 July 2008 for conveyancing businesses in Victoria, namely being:

  • Covered by professional indemnity insurance; 
  • Licensed to conduct a conveyancing business; 
  • Academic Qualifications; 
  • Conveyancing experience

Lawsons Conveyancing is also a member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers (Victorian Division) and prides itself on providing the most personalised and professional service when it comes to property transactions to make your property purchase or selling experience as seamless as possible.

For further information relating to the services Lawsons Conveyancing can provide for you, please visit our Services page or contact us direct here.

Contact us today and experience for yourself our personalised service that puts you in drivers seat when it come to your property dreams and ambitions.









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