Lawsons Conveyancing deals with the conveyancing of residential property, buying or selling within Victoria.  Conveyancing is the process for transferring the right to ownership of land and can involve a range of services.

Lawsons Conveyancing can also assist you in transferring property between spouses or de-facto due to a breakdown of the relationship or just to shift assets.

When buying a property the conveyancing process includes:

  • Examining the contract and other sale documents
  • Searching the title to verify its status
  • Lodging a purchaser's caveat to protect your interests in the property
  • Obtaining statutory certificates as requried
  • Arranging settlement including with the financial institution
  • Preparation of Statement of Adjustments
  • Attending settlement
  • Notifying relevant authorities of change in ownership

Section 32 Vendor Statement should contain details in relation to the property such as title description, land measurements, zoning details, local council, council rates, building permits and notices in accordance with the Sale of Land Act 1962.

Prior to signing a Contract, which is legally binding, a potential purchaser must have received from the vendor a statement in accordance with Section 32 of the Sale of Land Act 1962 and made it’s own enquiries in relation to the Section 32 provided.  Once a contract is signed, unless specific conditions are contained within the Contract, it is very difficult to then rescind the Contract ESPECIALLY if purchased at auction.

Lawsons Conveyancing can check the Section 32 Statement and Contract of Sale prior to you signing the Contract at no charge.

When selling a property the conveyancing process includes:

  • Preparing Section 32 statement
  • Searching title to verify status
  • Arranging authorities for release of deposit and discharge of any mortgages
  • Verifying Statement of Adjustments
  • Arranging settlement
  • Attending settlement
  • Notifying relevant authorities of change in ownership


Conveyancing Fees & Disbursements

Part of the cost incurred for your conveyancing is for disbursements and out of pocket expenses.  These expenses are incurred for things such as title searches, company searches, rate and planning certificates.  This information is required to make all appropriate enquiries on your behalf.

Some conveyancers charge “all in one” fee which includes conveyancing fees and disbursements.

Lawsons Conveyancing prefers to charge specifically per file which means that you are paying only for disbursements/certificates that are actually obtained in relation to your property purchase/sale.

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